Click to enlarge Mugen Front Bumper Kit RSX DC5 02-04 62511-XK5-K0S0 05-06 62511-XK5B-K0S0

1 X 05-06 Bumper In Stock, the 02-04 are PRE-ORDER, WILL TAKE 11-12 WEEKS TO SHIP FROM ORDER DATE.

Mugen Front Bumper RSX 02-04 62511-XK5-K0S0 05-06 62511-XK5B-K0S0. Best Engineered bumper for your RSX, fully wind tunnel tested! BRAND NEW IN MUGEN BOX!

*Shipipng via FEDEX GROUND Only so please do not select any other shipping method.

02-04 Mugen Bumper

Actual 05-06 Bumper Pictures:

Hardware Kit, Mugen is always complete, every single nut is provided:

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