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CDM Integra DC2 94-01 Air Bag Tray Block Off

CDM Integra DC2 94-01 Air Bag Tray Block Off


Genuine Honda/Acura Canadian Domestic Market (CDM) Integra Air Bag Tray. Designed for USDM LHD Cars only! Very easy to install, snaps right into place. Great CDM piece for anyone with the DM DC2 conversion or those of you simply don't have your passenger air bags anymore. Remember this is not an air bag, it's just the tray sitting on top of the passenger air bag when it is removed. A must have for racers as this will eliminate the heavy airbag. Comes in Black Only - Perfect match the black dash.

Fits: Will fit all 94-01 Integras (left-hand driver cars), 2/4 door.

Please Note: This is for off-road use only so check with your local peace officer to see if this tray is legal to drive on the street.

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