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Alcon Forged Calipers | Project Mu SCR Pro 300mm/11.8" Rotors | ICB Rcrew Hat Brake Kit

Alcon Forged Calipers | Project Mu SCR Pro 300mm/11.8" Rotors | ICB Rcrew Hat Brake Kit

Alcon Forged Calipers | Project Mu SCR Pro 300mm/11.8" Rotors | ICB Rcrew Hat Brake Kit. Created by yours truly Dan Phan of RCrew Racing. These calipers are about 30-35% better than the Spoon Sports Mono Blocks. Applications: Rally, Group N+, Touring car and General race use.

Calipers: Alcon Forged Twin Block
Rotors: ProjectMU SCR-R, 300mm/11.8"
Rotor Size: 300mmx25mm thickness
Hats: Aluminum CNC Machined by RCREW Racing 4X100/5X114.3
Pads: Street

Will Clear wheels without spacers:
15X8 4X100/5X114.3 TE37/TE37SL +25/+35 Offset
15X8 4X100/5X114.3 57DR +28/+35 Offset
16X8 CE28N 4X100 +32/+35 Offset
16X8 CE28N 5X114.3 +28/+35/+42 Offset
16X7 RE30CSII 4X100 +33 Offset
16X7 TE37 +33/+35 Offset
16X7 CE28N +33 Offset

Alcon Forged Calipers Key features and benefits:

Radial mounting for maximum rigidity and firm, consistent pedal
Forged aerospace grade aluminium alloy high strength with light weight
Differential piston diameters that minimise pad taper wear
Aluminium pistons as standard, stainless steel available as an option
High temperature seals
2Kg Anti-knock back springs
Hard stainless steel wear plates
Fixed pad retainer bars to increase stiffness, remove caliper to change pads
Uses popular B-type pad shape wide range of friction materials available Pad references: C/Lorraine 5005W50, Endless RCP002, Ferodo FRP1077, Hawk HB105, Mintex MDB1697, Pagid U1595, Project Mu F1070/16, Raybestos R2002 or R2000

ProjectMu SCR-PRO Rotors benefits:

Structure: 2 Piece Rotor: Carbon/Alloy Iron Hat: Billet Aluminium Slots: 8 directional straight

Premium rotor in the Project Mu range, the SCR-Pro incorporates all features you will find in a race rotor packaged to fit onto standard cars.

The cast iron has very high levels of carbon and alloy, 8 straight slots and an advanced core vane design resulting in very high heat transfer qualities. Additionally, the SCR-Pro is a two-piece design that comes assembled to anodized billet alloy disc hats making them lighter than OEM rotors.

The SCR Pro employs motorsport experience and technology that provides the highest possible heat transfer properties of all Project Mu rotors. The vanes are designed to create additional turbulence inside the rotor without compromising air flow which in turn transfers more heat from the rotor to atmosphere.

The disc itself is completed in black chrome to further increase life and resistance to distortion. Ideal for race, rally and drift applications or simply as a premium upgrade to your road car.

Race Proven Heat Dissipation:
Utilizing PMU Vein Technology, the SCR-Pro achievies high heat dissipation by directing the air to the center rather than vertically, accelerating the flow rate via angled fins.

Advanced Heat Treating & Materials:
Typical Manufactured rotors can often become distorted through hard driving, however Project Mu SCR & SCR-GT rotors are built from a high-alloy high-carbon cast iron with a unique heat treatment to every disc - essentially elimating this distortion while creating an unbeatable racing rotor. In addition, an anti-rust coating is applied to the surface to keep a good finish.

Lightweight 2-Piece Construction:
The SCR-Pro and SCR-GT utilize a billet aluminum bell housing. This helps to reduce unsprung weight which is directly linked to reducing the burden on braking. In addition, replacement rotors can be bought seperately for a cost effective braking solution.

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