Vision Technica X ICB Japan Blue Wide Side Mirror Civic EK4/EK9 Integra DC2/DB8Zoom

Vision Technica X ICB Japan Blue Wide Side Mirror Civic EK4/EK9 Integra DC2/DB8

Item# Vision_ICBJapan_Blue_Wide_Side_Mirror_EK9_DC2
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Vision Technica + ICB Japan Blue Wide View Mirror. We are very excited to introduce these! Also note that we will be making these for the older Spoon Sports and Vision Technica MC Mirrors 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and etc.

These mirrors are mounted to adopt the genuine shape easily and install quickly. We only use the tape that comes from the top of the genuine mirror paste. Specifications and material of the product might be subject to change, but please acknowledge this beforehand.

These mirrors are convex and finished with an anti-glare resin which is hydrophobic. What this all means is the convex property of the mirror shape allows for a wider viewing angle. The blue tint finish reduces glare from bright lights and finally the Titanium oxide coating repels water for less distortion when wet. Proudly Made In Japan in conjunction with Vision Motorsports, they come with everything you need to install.

This is a translation from the Vision Technica site: This is a high-quality wide mirror that has been adopted as a genuine option in every car manufacturer in the world. It is made from glass with an emphasis on quality. They also adopted a friendly clear blue color to the body of the mirror. Also, the curvature is in place in order to secure a wide rear field of view.The width is set to the width of 600R ~ 1400R. (Safety standards fit more 600R)

Fits: JDM EK4/9 Hatchback and Sedan Normal or Power Folding Mirrors, USDM/JDM DC2/DB8 Normal or Power Folding Mirrors.

Blue Wide View Mirror vs. Stock:

Here is how it looks like when installed:

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