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Barramundi Design BMD Dorado 15X8 4X100 +28 Offset Forged Wheels

Barramundi Design BMD Dorado 15X8 4X100 +28 Offset Forged Wheels

Barramundi Design BMD DORADO Wheels. Price is for a Set of 4 Wheels, Center Cap are optional (Silver, Black or Red), 4 Valve Stems are also included. DORADO is a 3 Piece Wheel, Diamond Cut Face with Polished Lip. Made In Japan with Pride. JWL and VIA certified.


Barramundi design forged wheel (BMD forged), prides itself in creating one of a kind products with world class quality. With its headquarters in Iga, Japan, BMD forged was established in 2010 from a vision a relentless owner had to provide a flawless product to car owners who demanded absolute perfection on all other aspects of their car. The inspiration behind BMD forged is not the car that showcases its elegance, but from the distinguished car owner. Founder Noriaki Miyamoto has dedicated his life to the auto performance industry. He wanted to give his car enthusiast friends more options when it came to perfecting their beloved car to their unique personality. In a country that manufactures the finest products in the world, do to the strictest valuation standards and reputation, Miyamoto realized that these same principles for superior quality could be applied to the wheel. In 2010, this vision became reality and BMD forged was created.

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Pictured is 15X8 4X100 +28 Offset:

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