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Rays Volk Racing TE37 Sonic Wheels 16X8 4X100 +35 Offset Bronze Pre-Order

Rays Volk Racing TE37 Sonic Wheels 16X8 4X100 +35 Offset Bronze Pre-Order

Attack the Corner The performance of compact segment cars improved dramatically due to the technical innovations of each car manufacturers. Tire grips are increased, and “mechanical grips” are also improved by higher performance suspension systems. These factors increases the compact segment car’s bottom speed, and the input value to the wheel became similar to racing cars from one generation ago. The TE37 15inch size has been on the racing field since it released in 1996. In order to surpass the performance of the TE37, the new TE37 was necessary. Therefore, everything is redesigned. [TE37 SONIC] was made as the new TE37 to match the high performance of compact cars. The strength and rigidity are enforced by creating the spokes wider than before and moving the mounting surface of the spoke end to the rim. The TE37 SONIC exceeds the TE37 to create the new racing scene.

The Volk Racing TE37 wheel is one of the Lightest and Strongest Wheels Rays Engineering offers! The Volk Racing TE37 Sonic wheel is a One Piece Forged (Monoblock) Aluminum Wheel. We are stocking this wheel to catered to the show/track enthusiasts!

Specs: 16X8 4X100 +35, Weights 12.52 lbs or 5.68 kg, finished in Bronze.


Forged Monoblock Wheel
6 Spoke Model
Super Light; 12.52 lbs/5.68kg per wheel
Painted in Volks famed Bronze.
Painted Center Caps are optional
Valvestems and caps are included

*Price is for a set of 4 wheels


Here's what the optional center caps look like (standard type on top, high type on bottom):

Shown below with flat A Bronze center caps:

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