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SSI Titanium Anodized F1 Type Quick Release Made In Japan

SSI Titanium Anodized F1 Type Quick Release Made In Japan

This color is no longer made.

As translated by google:

The F1 type in which the handle is out.
handle side is compatible with the peach (personal) and Nardi.
Body-side, please use the Momo pitch of steering boss for the sport steering wheel. (Nardi dedicated to the steering boss not be installed)
It is about 530g in the handle side is about 400g the vehicle body side is about 130g total of sliding.
Specifications: aluminum shaving-titanium color anodized finish, the serration part is, using the anodized aluminum stiffer. With for both sides horn switch lead

Similar to the steering wheel spacers that are often used in circuit racing "60mm extension" setting.
Because the gear-type high reliability in the rotational direction, because of the stress it takes hard structure to the ball stopper, has excellent durability.
You can remove the handle at the touch of a button. However, it is secured with minimal movement for complete safety.
Patented design

Accessories bis → cap Sarah bolt M4 10: 6-month cap bolt M5 12: 5 months cap bolt M5 12: 1 month wrench [2 Size] each 1
Produced specifically for circuit racing.

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