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Foreword by Jason Haradon: Driven by an energy and a passion for not only the best parts, but for the people who bring them to market through design and original engineering, ICB is proud to offer one of the most exclusive brands from Japan in Saclam Automotive Specialist.

The result of Former Mugen Engineer and Part Production Manager, Saclamís quality and original engineering is unquestioned as a truely elite product being offered for some Elite sports cars of Japan all while respecting itís Ownerís history and previous work. Only a few are aware of Unoís contribution to Mugenís heritage and some of its iconic pieces but his fingerprints are all over designs like the MF10, Twin Loop Exhaust system and NSX Aero Kit and his attention to detail is what has made so many of those previous parts the iconic pieces they are today.

All current Saclam exhaust systems are offered with a tip paying tribute to Unoís history and Mugenís pre-MTEC glory of being the elite brand for Honda aftermarket parts. Saclam's parts are not for everyone, please inquire prior to ordering for availability.

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