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JDM Integra DC5 Type R "Type R" Rear EmblemZoom

JDM Integra DC5 Type R "Type R" Rear Emblem

Item# DC5009
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Genuine JDM Honda Integra Type R DC5 Emblem (RSX in the U.S.). Looking for some subtle accessories for your RSX? This maybe just the ticket for you. The newest Honda Japan Integra "Type-R" model share the same body style as Acure RSX in the US. This is the original Japan Integra Type-R chrome plated emblem for the rear hatch (passenger side). Let the world know that you will only settle for the best of the best. BRAND NEW in JDM Honda packaging. Looks great on any exterior/interior and your JDM friends will NOTICE this and ENVY U for SURE! Fits: 02+ Acura RSX

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