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JDM Integra DC5 Civic FD2 Type R Flywheel 10.25 lbsZoom

JDM Integra DC5 Civic FD2 Type R Flywheel 10.25 lbs

Item# DC5036
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JDM DC5 Integra Type R Flywheel. This weights 10.25 lbs (See Picture #1), so it's a LOT lighter than the stock Type S ones, It improves 0-100 km/h times by about .3 second, see below from Honda's UK site. Genuine JDM Factory Honda Part made for the 02+ Integra Type R. BRAND NEW in JDM Honda packaging. Works on RSX Type S DOHC iVTEC engine. One of the best bolt-on modifications for your Type S engine! Here's a description from Honda of UK: A Light-weight Forged Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Flywheel A super-light flywheel made of chrome-molybdenum steel gives the Type R a smoother power transition between the K20A engine and the Type-R close-ratio 6-speed transmission. The lightened flywheel improves both the feel and performance of the engine. It gives an instant response at any sudden throttle, when acceleration is demanded at any time as driver steps on the metal pedal. It reduces about 0.3 seconds in accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h, which equals to a reduction of 50 kg in the car weight.

Picture from Honda - Cutaway picture of the flywheel.

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