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Desmond Regamaster EVO Allmighty Gray 17" RSX Sold

Desmond Regamaster EVO Allmighty Gray 17" RSX Sold


BRAND NEW 17X8 Offset is +35 Comes with full lip decals as well as valve stems and Desmond paperwork.

Desmond Regamaster EVOs - BRAND NEW IN BOX! These wheels are discontinued and no longer in production. Once our inventory is sold out you will no longer be able to buy Regamaster EVOs new. Each set comes with valve stems and decals (2 decals per rim). Regamaster EVO is the same wheel as the Spoon Sports SW388 which were made by Desmond.

* Please select Ground shipping only as this is the only way we shipped these.

** We now offer Hub Centric Rings to use with your RSX 02-06, Click Here To See Picture.

Picture post is the 16X7 version so the 17X8 is much bigger than pictured.

Here's hot it looks like on FG with Allmighty Gray

Here's how it looks like on DC5 (Picture courtesy of Tom H.)

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