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EDM Civic EG6 SiR Rear Fog Light - RARE!

EDM Civic EG6 SiR Rear Fog Light - RARE!


We have a few used but 9/10 ones in stock now!, Click here

Be the first to you have this rare item. We are the only JDM Shop that makes it possible for you to own this original rear foglight new from HONDA.

Genuine/TRUE HONDA OEM EDM Rear Fog Light. This Fog Light is integrated into the left rear inner taillight. Please note you're getting the left inner tail light only. Very Neat! NEW and Imported from Europe.

When it is on, it's so bright that you can't look into it. The brightness is much much brighter than the brake lights!

Click Here to see the EG6 Console Fog Light Switch, Also Brand new!
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