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FD2 Civic 4 Door Type R Spherical/Round 6 Speed Aluminum Shift Knob. Have a slight bronze tint to Aluminum which is very nice. BRAND NEW FROM HONDA OF JAPAN. This is the 1st time Honda ever release a round ball type of shift knob for Civic TypeRs, the other ball type knob is from an NSX Type R made out of Titanium. Weights 140 grams or 4.94 oz.

Please note the last picture which shows the closeup of the optional Shift Boot Collar, also make by Honda of Japan for the FD2. With it, the bottom of the Shift knob will fit onto the collar and is make out of anodized black on top as you can see. The bottom part fit flush and it is slide into JDM or EDM Shift Boot.

* Please note shift boot is not included.

Fits: Civic 2 Door or 4 Door or any Honda 6 speed manual transmission for that matter.

Optional Shift Boot Collar, also by Honda of Japan.

* For the Shift Boot Collar, modifications needed for FG2/FA Si. Will fit all 92-00 Civic/Integra without modifications. If you have a 2006/2007 US 2 Door or 4 Door Si, please email us for directions or mods needed to installed.

Shown below from left to right is S2000/CR (Aluminum) and FD2/CTR(Aluminum):

Shown below from left to right is S2000/CR (Aluminum), S660 (Titanium) and FD2/CTR(Aluminum):

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