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JDM Integra DC2 Type R ITR B18C Red Valve CoverZoom

JDM Integra DC2 Type R ITR B18C Red Valve Cover

Item# DC2011
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Genuine JDM HONDA Integra B18 TYPE-R RED VALVE COVER FOR Civic/Integra B18s and B16s DOHCs. The O.E. Honda Japan Integra Type-R RED valve cover is the perfect accessory to dress up your Civic/Integra DOHC B16 or B18s. Displaying the true colors of Honda's " Type-R" series' shows your dedication to Honda Power! Direct bolt-on, no modification necessary. Made in Japan (Honda). BRAND NEW in JDM Honda packaging.

Fits: 90+ Acura Integra / Civic B18s / B16s / VTEC DOHC Motors Only.

Optional JDM Integra Type R DC2 / Civic Type R EK9 Valve Cover Gasket Set/Kit:

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