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JDM 05+ Integra DC5 Type R RSX Brake Duct KitZoom

JDM 05+ Integra DC5 Type R RSX Brake Duct Kit

Item# DC5074
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JDM Honda Brake Duct Kit. This brake duct kit was imported directly from Japan and is Guaranteed to be real. Perfect for those of you who is doing an RSX to JDM DC5 Type R, Extra cool and win extra points at the show. Cools the brakes too! Comes with what you see in the picture no more no less! When you demand only the best accessories for your Honda, this brake duct kit will live up to your high standards. JDM straight from the Honda factory will be of the highest quality available. Made in Japan (Honda). BRAND NEW in JDM Honda packaging. Looks great on any exterior.

Fits: 05+ RSXs only.

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