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JDM Del Sol EG2 92-95 Lower Fog Light GarnishesZoom

JDM Del Sol EG2 92-95 Lower Fog Light Garnishes

Item# DelSol008
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Rare Part! JDM Del Sol Front 92-95 Lower Fog Light Bumper Garnishes - BRAND NEW IN HONDA PACKAGE. Price is for 1 set (Left and Right side).

Fits: All 92-95 Del Sols, might fit the 96-97 as well but please do your research before ordering.

These are not from the the actual JDM EG2 fog light kit but from another Honda with similar fog light kit. These are more square as the EG2 is more oval but never the less, this is a solution for those of you who is seeking that part which is impossible to find by it self.

We got my brand new JDM EG2 fog lights 3+ years ago and we did ask my parts guy in Japan to buy us whatever spare parts he can find for the EG2 kit. We have a feeling that he took the eg2 garnish out and took it to parts counter and this is what the Honda dealer in Japan gave him. We have my RHD Del Sol with these fog lights and compared both and here's what we found out.

1. More square than the eg2 ones
2. About ~15% bigger than the eg2 ones
3. Curvature of these is exactly the same as the eg2 ones so fitment is same
4. For those of you who have these fog lights and don't have garnish, this is the perfect solution for you.
5. For those of you who have the eg2 garnishes and want to use these as spares, these will fit but the bumper have to be cut about ~15% bigger to fit these in
6. Since these are a bit bigger and more square, it will create a unique look for the eg2.

Picture of this installed on a 92-95 bumper:

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