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JDM Integra DC2 Type R Piston Kit B18C5 11.1CR - Over Size (One Piece)Zoom

JDM Integra DC2 Type R Piston Kit B18C5 11.1CR - Over Size (One Piece)

Item# DC2069
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Factory JDM (1 Piston, 1 Wrist Pin) of Genuine JDM Honda Integra Type R Pistons. This is the 98 Integra Spec. Type R (11.1 Compression Ratio) and is the Standard Sized. Genuine Parts from Honda of Japan. Great for rebuilding for increasing compression ratio for B18 DOHC VTEC motors. Piston Kit comes with Wrist Pin. Rings are NOT included. If you're interested in those, email us after auction. JDM Integra Type R - pistons are the perfect choice for high performance, naturally aspirated engines. Coming from the 98 Spec. Type R engine found Japan, these pistons have all the tricks you can ask for from a factory original part. 11.1-1 High compression (may vary upon your application, combustion chamber volume, deck height, etc.), Lighter weight, and the kicker, friction reducing moly coating on the piston skirts. This reduces cylinder temperatures (less friction means less heat), and also reduces wear on cylinder bores. This adds up to a higher performing engine at its limits. Being a production part from Honda, quality and consistency issues are no longer a concern. Fits: Will fit most B-Series VTEC DOHC engines

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