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JDM J-Blood Front Bumper Honda Civic EK4 EK9 96-98 with Carbon Kevlar Lower Lip Pre-OrderZoom

JDM J-Blood Front Bumper Honda Civic EK4 EK9 96-98 with Carbon Kevlar Lower Lip Pre-Order

Item# J_Blood_Front_Bumper_96_98_With_Carbon_Kevlar_Lip
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Now Comes with Carbon Kevlar Lower Lip. Soft FRP at No Additional Charge! Normally a $100 Upgrade charge.

J-Blood (Fiber Craftsman) SFRP Front Bumper for Civic 96-98. Race Track Inspired design with integrated lower lip spoiler now finished in Carbon Kevlar. Grille is molded in (no need to buy the Civic Type R grille). Uniquely designed and this bumper will put your street/show car above the rest. Made from FRP with clear gel coat finish and Carbon Kevlar Lower Lip. Fits all 96-98 Civics Hatchback, Coupe and Sedans. Designed and Made in Japan.

Soft FRP allow the bumper to flex without damaging it, description from J-Blood Website (Note that the Carbon Fiber part is harder and does not flex like the Soft FRP Part):

J.blood original new material "soft FRP" AE86 series is a lineup to SFRP products reputation as "hard to be broken" by our customers after using the Silvia series was released in advance. In comparison with conventional FRP, there is very flexible, and excellent crack resistance performance. Please check the flexibility of the surprise! ! !

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Here's how it looks like on Jay Power's EK9 99-00 Hatchback (Non Carbon Fiber version shown):

Here's how the actual 99-00 bumper looks like:

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