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Used JDM EG6 Rear Interior Conversion (Black) Sold

Used JDM EG6 Rear Interior Conversion (Black) Sold

JDM Complete Rear EG6 Interior Conversion including 4 Gather rear speaker units. The difference from these compared to the USDM is the seats fold down flat. Looks like a flat bed truck. Also, these have little compartments that you can put stuff in. It doesn't use the trunk cover like the USDM one. Finally, there is a compartment about the size of the trunk, which opens up for more storage space. This compartment also cleanly covers over the spare tire. All bracket are included so the installation can be done easily. Minor riveting or welding required to put the brackets in.

Fits: 92 - 95 Civic hatchbacks

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Here're how it looks like installed, please note that the long armrest and front seats is not included!

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