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Mugen GP Forged Wheel Gun Metallic Finish Honda S2000 AP1/AP2 17X7.5 +52 Offset 17X8.5 +59 Offset

Mugen GP Forged Wheel Gun Metallic Finish Honda S2000 AP1/AP2 17X7.5 +52 Offset 17X8.5 +59 Offset


The all new forged GP wheel from Mugen. 7 spoke design with vehicle specific fitment. Gun Metallic Finish. Front Wheel Specs: 17x7.5, +52 offset, 5x114.3, 15.8 lbs each. Part Number: 42700-XXA-775G-52. Rear Wheels Specs: 17x8.5, +59 offset, 5x114.3, 16.5 lbs each. Part Number: 42700-XXA-785G-59. Price is for set of 4 wheels and 4 center caps and 4 valve stems. Brand New in Box.

Will fit all these cars:
2001 and Up S2000 AP1 and AP2s.

Description from Mugen of Japan (Aluminum Wheel GP):

This is the flagship model (GP) of MUGEN developed exclusively for Honda's sports cars and sedans. Weight saving around the suspension has achieved a significant advantage of the good handling and braking performance. In general such weight saving might cause weakness against impact and durability reduction.

However, in the development of "GP," since we believe it indispensable to meet the conflicting requirements achieving both "lighter weight and high rigidity," we chose forged wheels which satisfy such requirements. Furthermore, we have adopted a special "spinning process" which requires more work than the standard forging process. The spinning process is to form a muscular structure or "forging flow lines" by adding several thousand tons of pressure on the aluminum material to shape the material.

Furthermore, it is a manufacturing process of forming rims by adding pressure and making it thinner while rotating the rim in the process. As a result, we were able to produce a special rim of higher rigidity and lighter weight with increased metal density.

Also, we have succeeded in increasing the rigidity of the spoke area by adopting a unique configuration of wheel's center section which has contributed to the lighter weight by reducing the wall thickness of the center cap area.

Most appropriate numbers and configuration, thickness, angles, etc. of spokes in order to secure the rigidity and durability of entire wheel were determined through the collaboration among designers, engineers and manufacturing staffs. Various prototypes were repeatedly manufactured and studied in details.

Naturally the hub fitting design exclusive for Honda cars was adopted and we were able to improve the driving performance by realizing a complete combination of wheels and hubs.

Though its design is highly complicated, through the "spinning process" weight-saving and high rigidity were achieved. GP is the high-performance MUGEN 7 spoke flagship model wheel that MUGEN, racing specialist developed.

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Pictured below are 18X7.5 +52 Offset:

Pictured below are 18X8.5 +59 Offset:

More Pics of the Wheels:

Here's how the wheels looks like on an AP2:

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