Click to enlargeMIRACLE X BAR by NEXT 32mm Type I Type II - EF8 EF9 EG6 EK9 DA6 DC2 DC5 GD3

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MIRACLE CROSS BAR by NEXT is another rare jdm part now available for purchase. This bar is born for one function only by connecting the C pillar and rear upper strut making the rear section of any car act as one thus reducing the flex to a zero. The MIRACLE CROSS BAR is the standard of pillar bar & strut bar combined. This bar will put your street/show car above the rest.

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Miracle Cross Bar Ad in JDM Magazine, Enjoy! Click Here EK9 Type 1, DC2 Type 2

Shown here is the DC2 Type II Kit and Hardware:

Show here is the hardware kit for the DC5:

X Bar in Fit GD3 - GD3/Fit comes also have Bottom Bar included (Type I shown):

Here's the difference between Type I and Type II. (Type 1 on bottom and Type 2 on top).

Picture courtesy of Rodrez (X Bar in EG6).

X Bar in EK9.

X Bar in DA6.

X Bar in DC5.

Each Order comes with the Next/ICB gift pack for FREE! Contains: 3-4 different Next printed ads, 2 Next Decals, 1 ICB Decal, 1 I Love my Honda Cling.

As of 9/2012, Next Japan have made a New Next Badge and all orders after Sept. 2012 will have this newer version.

Here's some pictures from Next,

CRX Type I , EG6 Type I , EK9 Type I , DC2 Type II , DC5 Type II , DC5 Type II , DC5 Type II , DC5 Type II

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