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Nissan Nismo 6" Sticker - FREE SHIPPING!Zoom

Nissan Nismo 6" Sticker - FREE SHIPPING!

Item# Nissan001
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Nismo 6" Decal/Sticker - BRAND NEW and made by Nissan! This Decal was given out at a Industry show to promote the NISMO brand name. Nismo is Nissan's aftermarket arm and in the very near future Nismo will release high performance parts for sports cars such as the new SE-R/Maxima SE/350Z. Nismo have been known for years to make the best available aftermarket parts for your beloved Nissan. NISMO stuff have been available for a while directly from Japan only.

Fits: Any Nissan Cars (350Z,300ZX,240SX/Silvia, SE-R, Maxima)

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