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PIAA 9007 XtremeWhite Bulbs 4000K (Pair)

PIAA 9007 XtremeWhite Bulbs 4000K (Pair)
(1) Set of Brand new in Sealed Box from PIAA. NEW RELEASE PIAA XTREME (High Intensity Discharge) 9007 bulbs in Japanese Package!! YOUR ARE BIDDING FOR A SET OF THESE PIAA BULBS. The Package you're getting are exactly as the pictured below. These use 65/55 watts of power but the output is 120W/110W. These bulbs are different from the SuperWhites due to a fact that the light is more blue because it's coating on the bulbs. It emits a light that is more powerful and brighter and more white than the Platinum SuperWhites. This bulbs from PIAA are the closest thing than to get the real H.I.D kits which cost upwards of $1K. Upgrade your bulbs and be street legal in all 50 states and Canada. Don't let those cheap bulbs give a reason for your local Peace Officers to stop you. Application for the 9007:

Fits many imports and domestics. See your owners manual for specific fit and Click here if you are not sure what bulb your car/SUV uses.

Below is a list of Cars/SUVs that use these bulbs. Please note this contains the latest models, These bulbs will also fit many earlier models as well: Chevrolet Cavalier 00-00, Chrysler Cirrus 95-00, Chrysler Sebring Convertible 96-99, Dodge Caravan 96-99, Dakota & Durrango 97-00, Neon 00-00, Neon 95-99, Stratus 95-00, Ford Crown Victoria 98-00, Escort 97-00, Expedition 97-00, Explorer 95-00, F-Series 92-00, Mustang 94-00, Ranger 93-00, Taurus 92-00, Thunderbird 94-00, Windstar 95-00, Hyundai Elantra 96-00, Lincoln Navigator 99-00, Mercury Grand Marquis 98-00, Mountaineer 97-00, Sable 92-99, Tracer 97-00, Villager 99-00, Mitsubishi Montero 00-00, Nissan Altima 98-99, Nissan Quest 99-00, Plymouth Breeze 96-99, Neon 00-00, Neon 95-99, Voyager 96-99, Pontiac Sunfire 95-99, Subaru Legacy L 00-00. Please make sure your application fits before bidding.

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