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JDM Rocket Dancer Civic EG6/EJ1 92-95 Front Lip Spoiler FRP - RAREZoom

JDM Rocket Dancer Civic EG6/EJ1 92-95 Front Lip Spoiler FRP - RARE

Item# Rocket_Dancer_EG6_Front_Lip

Arriving on 6/30/2024.

The FUJIMURA AUTO Rocket Dancer EG6 Front Lip Spoiler. The Rocket Dancer Front Lip Spoiler FRP is specifically designed for the vehicle by Fujimura and it is a very tasteful aero piece that brings the best out of the vehicle`s appearance while still using its standard lines. There is only a few in the US currently so it is pretty rare. Made In Japan.

**Shipping via Fedex Ground only so select this method of shipping only.

Here's how the lip looks like when installed:

Sorry I do not know who took this picture but it show off the lines of the lips rather well:

Here's the actual lip that you're getting, Material made is Quality JDM Gel-Coat and you could just installed after you get it or paint:

Each lip comes with this Metal Emblem to be installed on the outside in the middle lower part where the indentation is, very cool!:

Rocket Dancer lip test fitted on the EG6 Bumper - Both are brand new and are not painted. Fitment on the lip is 9.99/10:

Picture of a comparison of the lines of the Rocket Dancer vs. the J'S Racing:

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