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Spoon Sports Racing Camshafts B Series B16A B17A B18C

Spoon Sports Racing Camshafts B Series B16A B17A B18C


Introducing the famous Spoon Sports Racing Camshafts! The ultimate road race cam, Spoon cams are developed to produce greater mid to high RPM range power without sacrificing low rpm torque. Spoon cams are manufactured and machined by Honda according to Spoon specifications. Spoon cams must be tuned with adjustable cam sprockets to obtain maximum power gains. Valve clearance is suggested (IN 0.18mm +/-0.02) (EX 0.22mm +/- 0.02). Spoon cams even come with a spec sheet showing the measurments of each individual cam lobe! Whenever performance camshafts are installed, we recommend the use of stiffer high-performance valve springs to eliminate the chance of valve float. Factory B16A/B18C1 valve springs cam handle up to 8,300rpm, while the use of aftermarket springs can handle revs in excess of 9,000rpm. For Type-R owners, we recommend to at least add titanium retainers to your existing factory setup.

Here's a picture from Spoon Sports Japan with specs. and etc.:

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