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Spoon Sports Unassembled Civic EG6 N1 Endurance 1/24 Model Kit by Hasegawa Zoom

Spoon Sports Unassembled Civic EG6 N1 Endurance 1/24 Model Kit by Hasegawa

Item# Spoon_Sports_164_EG_Model
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Spoon Sports Civic EG6 N1 Endurance 1/24 Model Kit

These Officially Licensed by Honda Spoon EG6 Model Kit. There will only be ONE production run. 1:24 scale.

The legendary Spoon #95 Group-A EG6 racecar as a model kit by Hasegawa. Side note: comes with MR5 centerlocks wheels and JDM Honda as well as EC Work mirror kits. Also included is OEM Brakes, Spoon Twin Block with as well as Mono Block with Spoon rotors. Very small production run of this kit as Official Spoon Merchandise and Designed with the full cooperation of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Spoon Co., Ltd. Limited Edition, Made in Japan.

The N1 Endurance Racing car championship as former Super Taiku series is run for production cars, with a specification as close to possible to mass-production cars was held since 1991. Because the regulations keep the engine as standard, and impose restrictions on the details of the car, these races present a severe challenge to reliability and balance, as well as the driver's ability. The Honda Civic EG6 was a very popular car with competitors, invariably finishing well up the leaderboard. It handling capabilities are emphasized by the light weight body, which inspires confidence in drivers as they brake at the last possible moment before entering a corner and then accelerating away. The SPOON co., Ltd. is acknowledge to be the leading company for preparing Honda cars in this Championship, and has developed many competition parts. Their efforts were rewarded with their second place in the Class 3 category of the 1994 Championship. A victory on the opening round of the season in 1995 class 4 was followed by other good positions, and the team led 2nd place of the ranking.

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