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SPOON SPORTS Fit GD3 Reservoir Tank Cover ORG-90000-020Zoom

SPOON SPORTS Fit GD3 Reservoir Tank Cover ORG-90000-020

Item# Spoon_Sports_Reservoid_Tank_Cover_ORG_90000_020_1
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Spoon Sports Reservoir Tank Cover Part Number: ORG-90000-020. Free Shipping anywhere in the USA.

Spoon Sports introduces their reservoir covers designed to absorb minor clutch and master cylinder reservoir leaks. The Spoon reservoir cover are blue with the Spoon logo sewed into the fabric. The prevents the logo from peeling off like other reservoir covers on the market. Also adds a nice touch to your engine bay. Show cars, score those little extra points with these. BRAND NEW in JDM Spoon Sports packaging. Looks great in any engine compartment. Comes in a Package with 1 Reservoir Cover.

Here's how it looks like when installed:

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