Spoon Sports JDM Civic EP3 Integra DC5 Exhaust B-Pipe 18220-DC5-001Zoom

Spoon Sports JDM Civic EP3 Integra DC5 Exhaust B-Pipe 18220-DC5-001

Item# Spoon_Sports_160_DC5_EP3_BPipe
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Spoon Sports JDM DC5 Integra/EP3 Civic Exhaust B-Pipe. Will fit USDM 02-06 DC5 RSX Type-S with USDM, JDM Muffler and Fits Spoon Sports N1 and Street Type.

As Translated by Google:

Spoon, was laid to forward as much as possible the first position of the main silencer of the exhaust pipe B. As the exhaust temperature is high, high silencing effect, it also contributes to the performance of the catalyst. By adopting the layout, the exhaust pressure is stable, you exhaust efficiency is increased. Together with weight reduction in combination with the spoon tail silencer ideal exhaust system that can improve the power and torque with certainty. Since it is a genuine same standard flange, it can be combined with genuine muffler.

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