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Tein SS (Super Street) Kits

Description: TEIN Super Street damper kit was designed for drivers seeking improved handling on the street and at the track. A shortened shell case is utilized to allow the most piston stroke possible, which allows for a better ride at lowered ride heights, and increased grip at the track. Great for daily driving and occasion track use, whether it be at the drag strip, local circuit, or Auto-X course. Includes both ride height and damping force adjustment to allow the driver to dial in the suspension for various surface conditions.

Additional Features:
Steel Construction
Twin Tube internal construction
16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined
Ride Height adjustable via spring seat
Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm)
Powder coated damper body with Zinc coated threaded section
1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty
Available for Overhaul

Contents of Damper Kit:
Adjustable Shock Absorber 4
Bump Rubber 4
Main Spring 4
Hook Spanner 2
Some applications include helper springs
Dust Cover 4
Seat Lock 12
Instruction Manual 1
Sticker Sheet 1

Starts at $1,080.00
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