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"The Dawn of a New Day" by ICBMatt Picture taken on 5/27/2015Zoom

"The Dawn of a New Day" by ICBMatt Picture taken on 5/27/2015

Item# The_Dawn_of_a_New_Day
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"The Dawn of a New Day" - After 9/11 and amidst all the destruction, the Lower Manhattan skyline looks so empty without the World Trade Towers. With One World Trade Center coming online it is The Dawn of a New Day and promised a better world of tomorrow. Godspeed USA! The picture was taken on the 86th Floor Observatory Deck of the Empire State Building; hand held and camera was sticked out of the observatory fence. Specs: F-stop 4.5, IS0: 100 Exposure Time: 1/40 Sec, Focal Length: 35mm.

Size: 30X20 inch lustre offer the best of both worlds the color saturation of glossy finish with the fingerprint resistance of matte. Shipped anywhere in the USA. Profits will be reinvested into more lens and gear to take better pictures of all the products we sell and all the events we attend. Again, thank you for all your support of all my endeavors.

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