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Tokico White Honda Prelude 92-00 - ILK234

Tokico White Honda Prelude 92-00 - ILK234
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Tokico - Advanced handling suspension kit with Illumina shocks. Shocks are 5-way adjustment controls both compression and rebound.

New from Tokico are adjustable spring seat coil-over shock combined with adjustable damping Tokico Illuminas. Each Tokico coil over kit includes four shocks with shortened bodies and threaded spring seats. Four specially designed springs, spring seat adjusting tools and an adjuster for the Illumina from Tokico. These coil overs are competition coilover shocks and spring kits. The complete kit includes 4 Illumina coilover shock absorbers, spring seat adjuster tools, a shock adjuster and four special springs.

Kit Include Illumina shocks/struts and Lowering Springs

Drop 1.5inch

Fits: Honda Prelude 92-00
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