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Vision IMUS Race Seat FRP RED/BLACK - Discontinued!

Vision IMUS Race Seat FRP RED/BLACK - Discontinued!


This is Vision Technica's newest seat. VISION features recline adjustment,excellent lateral hold and the high stiffness monocoque shell made of Fiber Reinforce Plastic (F.R.P) material.

The driving seat is a critical part in the connection between driver and machine. The mission of the driving seat is to hold the driver's body in a stable position during hard acceleration/deceleration and under high lateral G conditions. It should also transmit vehicle behavior information precisely to the driver, as it is this information that determines driver responses. To satisfy those requirements, rigidity of the seat is the key.

Comes with with a F.R.P rear section cover. the cover is the same material as the seat itself.

*Shipping via FEDEX/UPS Ground ONLY.

Please note the following picture is used to show you how the front looks like, the back is made of FRP and not Kelvar:

Here's the dimension on the seat:

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