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Beaks Products Subframe Reinforcement Kit EG/DC

Beaks Products Subframe Reinforcement Kit EG/DC

Beaks Products SRK-EG/DC - SUBFRAME REINFORCEMENT KIT. Designed for use with the DC-Integra Type-R 22mm and JDM 98 Spec Type R 23mm rear anti-sway bar, the SRK-EG/DC is proven effective in safeguarding the vehicle's subframe structure. Due to thin construction of the sheet metal, mounting hardware often shear off and destroy the swaybar mounting points, resulting in expensive repairs. The SRK-EG/DC provides reinforcement from both the front and the backside of the mounting points. Loads are distributed over a large area, which helps reduce the stress and effectively prevents sheet metal failure.

6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum support plates, gold anodized
6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum nut plates, gold anodized Zinc-plated steel hardware
Installation instruction with photos

'92-'95 Honda Civic
'93-'97 Honda Civic del Sol
'9401 Acura Integra (except Type-R)

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