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Desmond Regamaster EVO II 17X8 +38 18X10 +35 Offset 5X114.3 NSX NA1/NA2 Gloss Silver Gunmetal Black New Almighty Grey Flat/Satin Bronze Gunmetal Bright IIZoom

Desmond Regamaster EVO II 17X8 +38 18X10 +35 Offset 5X114.3 NSX NA1/NA2 Gloss Silver Gunmetal Black New Almighty Grey Flat/Satin Bronze Gunmetal Bright II

Item# Desmond_Regamaster_EVOII_17X8_18X10_5X1143_Various_Colors
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Desmond Regamaster EVO II Wheels for the NSX NA1/NA2 1991-2005. Color of Wheels is Gloss White. MADE IN JAPAN.

Front Wheels 17X8 5X114.3 +38 Offset, Center Bore = 73.1mm, Weights: 15.272 lbs or 6.9273 kg per wheel, Lip Size: 34.7mm and Pad Area is 46.5mm Deep.

Cleared these brakes without spacer: NSX NA1/2 with Spoon MonoBlocks.

NSX NA1/NA2 with Stoptech BBK kit and Stoptech ST40M kits both will 5mm required.

Rear Wheels: 18X10 5X114.3 +35 Offset, Center Bore = 73.1mm, Weights: 18.8 lbs or 8.53 kg per wheel, Lip Size: 45mm and Pad Area is 57mm Deep.


Each set of wheels comes with 4 EVO spoke and 8 Lip stickers as well as 4 silver valve stems. Desmond (choice of Silver or Black color) spoke decals is optional.


Each wheel at Desmond starts as a solid piece of 6061 Aluminum. The forging process begins as the piece is compressed at 8,000 tons of pressure which develops the basic shape of the wheel. From there each wheel is machined to our precise specs and tolerances, thereby creating a true masterpiece.

All wheels made in Japan by Taneisya. Taneisya has a strong motorsports wheel manufacturing background and has supplied Formula One wheels since 1993.

When designing a high-performance wheel such as the Regamaster Evo II it is important to be lightweight as well as strong. Each wheel is designed first for strength and second for light weight. This results in each wheel size being as strong and lightweight as possible for motorsports use.


Designing a wheel that looks amazing is a challenge. Desmond set out develop wheels that are superior in design, strength, light weight and rigidity. The result is a truly balanced wheel designed for motorsports use that is equally capable of looking great on a street car.

Following a classic design Desmond wanted to maintain the look and style of the original Regamaster EVO wheels while using the technology available today to provide larger sizes, lower offsets, lighter weights, strength and rigidity. The all new Regamaster Evo II wheels follow the classic lines while providing you a modern wheel. A true remix on a classic thatís exceeds expectations.


In order to prevent tire slippage, (the tire rotating on the rim) each Regamaster Evo II rim is knurled. This knurling of the tire bead seat improves the contact patch between the tire and the rim.

Color Reference: Gloss White (18X10 +25)

Color Reference: Gloss Silver (18X9.5 +45)

Color Reference: Gloss Gunmetal (18X9.5 +45)

Color Reference: Gloss Black (18X9.5 +45)

Color Reference: Gloss New Almighty Grey (18X10.5 +22)

Color Reference: Satin New Almighty Grey (17X9.5 +18 Tarmac Model)

Color Reference: Satin Gunmetal (18X9.5 +45)

Color Reference: Satin Black (18X10.5 +15)

Color Reference: Satin Black (17X9 +45)

Color Reference: Satin Bronze (18X10.5 +22)

Gloss Deep Sea Blue: (16X7 5X114.3 +50 Offset - Not Production Size):

Satin Deep Sea Blue: (18X9.5 5X114.3 +30 Offset):

Color Reference: Bright II - aka Diamond Cut (18X9.5 +30)

Will Wang's NSX with Bright II 17X8 5X114.3 +38 and 18X10 5X114.3 +35:

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