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JDM Honda Hamp Synergy Small Oil Filter Green Made In USA

JDM Honda Hamp Synergy Small Oil Filter Green Made In USA

MADE IN USA by Filtech Inc., Part number is H1540-PFB-515.

BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED Genuine JDM HAMP Oil Filter. Made in USA by Filtech Inc. and shipped to Japan. Size is Small (See last picture compared to the regular size filter, Small is on left). Measurement of the filter is: Width 2.75" and Height is 2.5". Hamp filters are designed to keep a more constant Oil Pressure, and raises oil pressure by about 5 psi. If you know JDM then you know this product needs no introduction. Hamp is Honda's Japanese aftermarket product "Hamp Synergy". The Hamp Synergy are set up after the Honda original parts products. These can be used on any Honda, but are specifically designed with Type Rs, and Type Ss in mind. Features to this item include a unique release valve that dynamically adjusts to the conditions within the filter to keep the flow and pressure constant. The HAMP oil filter will last longer and filter better than any other filter on the market. An item that is a definite must have for any B series or K series high performance high revving VTEC/iVTEC motors!

MADE IN USA by Filtech Inc. (Pictured below is exactly what you are getting!)

Fits: ALL 88-00 fuel injected Honda engines, as well as the 03' Civic Si, 06+ Civic and Civic Sis and the RSX, and RSX Type-S as well as H22A.

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