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Project Kics WHPC01 Caliber 24 Titanium Blue 12X1.50mmZoom

Project Kics WHPC01 Caliber 24 Titanium Blue 12X1.50mm

Item# WHPC01_Project_Kics_Caliber24
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The highly anticipated Kics Caliber 24 Heptagon Lug Nuts are here! Theft deterrent 7-sided lug nuts (normal lug nuts only have 6 sides). The Kics Heptagon Caliber 24 Lug Nuts has a titanium metal coating which provides an amazing color, excellent corrosion resistance and increases the surface hardness.

Closed-end, so they are not designed for extended wheel studs, however, they are slightly longer than your traditional lug nuts, allowing them to stand out to the on-looker.


* Contains 20 pieces
* M12 x 1.50 Thread
* Titanium Color Coating for maximum corrosion resistance
* Super forged steel for harness and durability

M12 x 1.5mm application: Fits Hondas, Acuras, and most Toyotas, etc.

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