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Toda Racing Honda S2000 Exhaust Manifold (Torquie-kun) Version 2 18100-AP1-001 Pre-Order

Toda Racing Honda S2000 Exhaust Manifold (Torquie-kun) Version 2 18100-AP1-001 Pre-Order

Pre-Order! Contact us for ETA.

TODA Racing currently offers 2 versions of the S2000 exhaust manifold. The Standard version is designed to improve power through out the entire powerband, with a focus on high-end power. This version is recommended for competition use where the engine operates mainly in the high rpm range.

A new version dubbed the "Torquie-kun" is designed to boost midrange torque and power even further, with only a minor loss in high-end power compared to the Standard TODA exhaust manifold. Both versions are constructed entirely from high grade stainless steel for long term durability and lightweight construction.

An auxiliary oxygen sensor port is built into to every header to allow for fitment of lambda meters and air/fuel ratio monitors. This will allow for precise tuning of engine management systems and fuel control devices.

Note: The high efficiency of the original TODA Racing Exhaust Manifold for F20C has more than proved itself as a competition product. With continual development we have now released an alternative version. Above is a graph of the standard TODA Manifold and "Torquie-kun" after bench testing. The graph shows a 3 H.P difference at max power in favor of the TODA standard manifold (RED), and a fuller torque and power curve from Torquie-kun.

Designed competition purpose for TODA standard exhaust manifold was increased more torque in a practical range. -A bench test (Equal length 4-2-1 + Taper) design 45mm → 50mm → 55mm → Taper → 60mm
*Taper design is adopted from feedback from both racing and the bench testing.
*The 50mm diameter part of pipe in middle was extended length properly.
-Racing high flow junctions design
Each section of the manifold has optimized pipe lengths, diameters and angles as well as high flow junctions.
-With the service adapter for A/F sensor
-Made of light weight stainless steel for both durability and looks
-Flange manufactured by high precision machining center
-The standard catalyst can be installed.

Actual Pictures of the Header:

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