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JDM Prelude BB6 Type S Rear Ash Tray

JDM Prelude BB6 Type S Rear Ash Tray

No Longer Made by Honda of Japan.

Must have for all BB6 97-01 Preludes!!! This ashtray goes in the empty slot in the driver side rear armrest you have been wondering about. Well, maybe you’ll never get to use (or allow anyone to use) this ashtray, but you know your Prelude is incomplete with this part missing. Genuine Honda factory part rear ashtray for the 5th generation Honda Prelude. This comes standard in each Prelude sold in Japan but not even an option here in the US. What the... the item is brand new in a factory sealed package.

Fits: All Preludes 97-01

Here's how it looks like when it's installed.

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