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BattleCraft Hyper Teardrop Shift Knob 44mm M10x1.5 Honda Made in the USAZoom

BattleCraft Hyper Teardrop Shift Knob 44mm M10x1.5 Honda Made in the USA

Item# BattleCraft001_Hyper_Teardrop_Shift_Knob_44mm
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44mm - 160 grams - Made in the USA.

BattleCraft believes that every drive should be an experience, whether it be a hot lap around Buttonwillow Raceway or the daily commute. As automotive enthusiasts, we recognize your desire for every aspect of your build to be a representation of the car as a whole. We understand that you put in countless hours to create the ideal machine - so we created the ideal knob.

Having driven a wide variety of cars on the street and the track, certain shifter/shift knob combinations left us wishing for more feedback from the transmission. B and D series Civics and Integras with traditional short shifters would often place the knob a considerable distance from the steering wheel, and feedback would consist of something closer to a "click" rather than the satisfying "clunk" of selecting a gear. S2000 shifters with OEM and similarly sized knobs, though tight and precise, made us want slightly more definition in each gate.

The Hyper Teardrop shift knob naturally sits taller than most OEM shift knobs due to the stem section, this shape serves three purposes: As mentioned previously, this design brings the shift knob closer to the steering wheel - as well as giving short throw shifter levers a more defined feel. The smooth transition from the ball to the stem section follows the contour of the hand, allowing for additional support and a very natural, organic grip. Finally it is aesthetically pleasing, visually blending the upper ball section seamlessly to the straight shaft of the shift lever.

Machined out of an aluminum billet and finished by clear anodizing, the Hyper Teardrop is made to be a permanent addition to your collection.

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