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Dimes Performance Derlin Shift Knob Black/White

Dimes Performance Derlin Shift Knob Black/White

Machined from Derlin
High Strength and Rigidity
Very High Resistance to Heat Absorption
Good Abrasion Resistance
Weight 3oz /85 Grams.
100% Designed and Made In USA
Countersunk Threads
Black or White Finish

DIMES DELRIN TEARDROP Shift Knob was developed for absolute comfort and grip during intense driving conditions. After many hours and prototypes, they have developed the perfect dimensions for maximum comfort and control when you need it the most.

Black finish pictured below:

White finish pictured below:

Here's how the white knob looks when installed:

Shown below is the Derlin knob compared to DC2 Type R titanium knob:

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