Click to enlargeEDM FN2 Civic Type R Red Stitch Shift Boot


EDM Civic Type R Shift Boot. Looks more sporty with the perforated look and the EDM shift boot have 4 sides of red stitching while the JDM FD2 have only 2. Minor mods are reqiured to get this fitted to US Civic Si. We have the directions so please email us when ordering and we will send you the file.

Please note the optional Shift Boot Collar as well as the optional Shift knob shown on the last 2 pictures.

* Shift Boot Collar, modifications needed for FG2/FA Si. If you have a 2006/2007 US 2 Door or 4 Door Si, please email us for directions or mods needed to installed.

Here's how it looks like with the optional Shift Knob Collar.

Here's how it looks like with optional Shift Knob Collar and the optional Type R Shift Knob.

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