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HyperRev #199 Subaru Impreza WRX No. 11Zoom

HyperRev #199 Subaru Impreza WRX No. 11

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HyperRev #199: Hyper Rev has released Volume 199 which is the new installment in their Impreza WRX series. This issue will cover the VAB and GH8 and many many other chassis. As usual, the magazine will be packed full of feature cars, parts data, tuner/builder interviews and new products. Order a copy to make sure you stay on top of the new exciting products and information available for the WRX.

Main Features

* Shop and Manufacturer Demo Vehicles
* Engine & Suspension Refresh Tuning
* Circuit Spec Machine Reflections
* Bodykit and Dress Up Parts Guide
* Gauge, Meter, Interior Accessories Guide
* Engine Tuning Parts Guide
* Drivetrain Parts Guide
* Suspension and Safety Parts Guide
* Contains 175 Pages

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