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ICB Japan Pursuit MK I Full Bucket Seat Steel Gray (SG3) / Light Grey (Alcantara FRP Back - Pre-OrderZoom

ICB Japan Pursuit MK I Full Bucket Seat Steel Gray (SG3) / Light Grey (Alcantara FRP Back - Pre-Order

Item# ICB_Japan_Pursuit_MK1_Steel_Grey_Light_Grey_Alcantara_FRP_Back
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ICB Japan Pursuit MK I Full Bucket Seat. Steel Gray (SG3) / Light Grey Alcantara and FRP back. Made In Japan. Seats Weights 14 lbs and 4.4 oz or 6.47 Kg. Seat is cover with high end Alcantara(c) material in front and FRP back. ICB Japan Logo is embroidered in Black. Shell has spine cut-out for increased comfort. Fits up to 37/38" waist. Price is for 1 Seat.

The driving seat is a critical part in the connection between driver and machine. The mission of the driving seat is to hold the driver's body in a stable position during hard acceleration/deceleration and under high lateral G conditions. It should also transmit vehicle behavior information precisely to the driver, as it is this information that determines driver responses. To satisfy those requirements, rigidity of the seat is the key. With maximum rigidity, high quality and best possible material and craftsmanship, We introduced you to the ICB Japan Pursuit MKI Seat. These seats are Made In Japan by Esqueleto. Compatible with most side mount rails such as Recaro, Buddy Club, Bride and Nagisa Auto.

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Here's how it looks like vs. Blue and Yellow Alcantara

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