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JDM Enkei Sport RC-T5 Tarmac 18 8.5/9.0 White/Dark Silver Civic FG4 FB6 FC1/2/3/4 FK7Zoom

JDM Enkei Sport RC-T5 Tarmac 18 8.5/9.0 White/Dark Silver Civic FG4 FB6 FC1/2/3/4 FK7

Item# Wheel_Enkei_RC_T5_Tarmac_18_Dark_Silver_White_Civic_FC2_4_FK7
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

JDM Enkei Sport RC-T5 Tarmac 18X8.5/9/9.5. Price is for Set of 4, valve stems are included. Ideal as as a competition Wheel. In Stock = Ship in the next 2-3 business days, Pre-Order = Ship in 7-8 weeks.

Wheel Weights: 18X8.5 +30 Offset 5X114.3: 8.95 kg or 19.73 lbs
18X9 +40 Offset 5X114.3: 9.165 kg or 20.21 lbs

Latest tarmac model RC-T5. More rigidity and light-weight for competition.

** Shipping is FEDEX Ground Only, please do not select any other shipping method.

MAT-DURA process allows the rim part to be as strong as forging, while saving weight, cost and enabling complex design.

The Most Advanced Technology combines one-piece cast wheel technology with a rim forming technology called spinning process.

After casting, the rim part of wheel is forged and elongated while rotating (See the diagram above).

This process allows a fiber flow in the rim part, which resembles the property obtained from forging process.

The result is, strengthen rim like forged, with complex face design unlike forged.

MAT-DURA Flow Forming is the 2nd generation of MAT Process. Finer fiber flow, hence higher strength is achieved by optimized rim-profile for MAT process and fine improvement of manufacturing process (See the diagram above).

Optimal face design for each size/ Further improved rim rigidity and weight-saving:

Each size require different level of rigidity and strength. Individual face design and spoke number alows to optimise rigidity & weight balance especially for the size. As a result, it helps to maintain its circularity under hard external force, with minimum weight

Rim profile is also updated for demanding cornering speed. Both rigidity increase and weight-saving is achieved with aid of each category feedback and CAE analysis. Improved rigidity balance(of rim and disc part) allows to slim its weight to uncompromising level for racing.

Brake Cooling/Designed for large brake system:

Face design for enhanced aerodynamics in rotation

Face and rim profile are designed for use of large brake disc and caliper.

Included are 4 of these Valve Stems:

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