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JDM GruppeM CL7 Accord Ram Air System Carbon FR 0507Zoom

JDM GruppeM CL7 Accord Ram Air System Carbon FR 0507

Item# JDM_GruppeM_CL7_Accord_Ram_Air_System_Carbon_FR_0507
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The carbon duct intake system that the ultimate efficiency was high density air intake was pursued.

The best model of the intake system that intake efficiency and total balance were pursued to the limit.

How do we shut off "heat" which has a big influence on the performance of the engine? From among the various possibilities, we have continued the trial in every approach. However, the method that we arrived at in order to aim at "perfection" was to completely cut off the air introduction path from the engine room. In fact, normal(genuine) is this concept definitely. However, the normal state cannot become "perfection" because it is designed in various restrictions. The air intake system which gave the best performance and quality worthy of the name of the air intake specialist, is this “RAM AIR SYSTEM”. As for this, the efficiency was taken in consideration of the top priority efficiency, without being influenced by the above restrictions.

Our engineers design our intake systems as fully integrated component of the vehicle. We aim to create the highest horse power throughout the engine rpm range that will enhance and deliver that "joker smile" driving experience every driver deserves.

GruppeM products are put through rigerous testing and validation such as air flow testing using a SuperFlow SF600 flow bench, MAF voltage and more to deliver the power gains and performance you can feel. Our intake systems are made out of carbon fiber, housing a re-usable M's Power Filter (K&N), providing great flow with great heat-shielding abilities that are only amplified through the RAM air intake design delivering true power, performance, function, and form. All of products are designed and built in-house.

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