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JDM GruppeM NSX NA1 NA2 FRP Front Over Fender Pre-OrderZoom

JDM GruppeM NSX NA1 NA2 FRP Front Over Fender Pre-Order

Item# JDM_GruppeM_NSX_NA1_NA2_FRP_Front_Overfender
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JDM GruppeM NSX NA1 NA2 FRP Front Over Fender. Made In Japan.

Product name: Overfender (Front and Rear 4 Pieces)
Material: FRP white gel coat finish
Product number: GM-0111
Remarks: No body processing. It is installed over the genuine fender.
It becomes 10mm wider on one side than the genuine one.

** Shipping via Fedex Groud only, please do not slect any other shipping method.

GruppeM, the air management specialist, has poured in an enormous amount of data and all its experience to develop aero parts with absolutely no compromise. This has given birth to exquisite down force, reliably gripping the road surface, and providing outstanding stability during high speed driving and when braking. Of course, it goes without saying that consideration has been given improvement in cooling effect and intake efficiency by aggressively drawing in external air. The form behind this performance is beautiful, and this must be strongly pointed out. This is the quality that has been achieved only by someone who was pursuing the ultimate in aerodynamics.

The pursuit of aerodynamics is for speed. And for safety.

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