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JDM Prelude BB6 Red H Front Emblem 97-01Zoom

JDM Prelude BB6 Red H Front Emblem 97-01

Item# BB6032
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Genuine JDM Honda RED H Emblem. Originally designed for Civic EP3 Type R and fit the 97-01 Honda Preludes perfectly! Lines up even with hood line, see picture below to confirm. When you demand only the best accessories for your Honda, these emblems will live up to your high standards. JDM emblems straight from the Honda factory will be of the highest quality available. Blemishes, color inconsistancy, defects and poor quality are not an issue with these factory, colored "H" emblems. Made in Japan (Honda). BRAND NEW in JDM Honda packaging.

Fits: ALL 97-01 Preludes, very easy to install, just peel and lined up pins and press on to install with double sized 3M tape as provided by Honda.

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