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JDM Rear Fog Light Kit DA6 EF8 EF9 EK9 (LEFT)

JDM Rear Fog Light Kit DA6 EF8 EF9 EK9 (LEFT)


Want to Win at the next JDM car showoff, this is what you'll need to complete your project! MUST HAVE!

BRAND NEW RARE JDM Hhonda Rear Fog Light Kit, Comes with exactly what you see here:

1. Rear Fog Light

2. Garish

3. Bracket

4. Switch (Shown EF9, but if you select the DC2 or EK9, we'll get you the fog light switch from that car. The DC2 switch is the JDM switch and the EK9 is the JDM and is the black switch.

Brand New in Sealed Honda Package!

Here're some pics on how these looks like:

EK9 2 3

DC2 2 3 4

Please note that this kit is designed to be installed on the left side of the bumper only.

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