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J's Racing C304 Stainless Steel Cat-Back 60RS w/ Dolphin Tip Civic EG6 SiR EMS Version

J's Racing C304 Stainless Steel Cat-Back 60RS w/ Dolphin Tip Civic EG6 SiR EMS Version

Shipping will be directly to you via EMS Express from J's Racing Japan to your door, tracking number will available when this ships.

J's Racing Part Number: C304-H3-60RS. Please note this is the EMS Express version so the B-pipe is in 2 piece rather than 1 piece like the regular version. Bolts onto any USDM Integra Type R with JDM Type R Cat or JDM Type R Test Pipe. Please note that the Silencer is included and is installed, you can easily removed it.

A stainless exhaust for winning a victory

Utilizing the various positive feedback from the Titanium FX-Pro exhaust, this stainless exhaust promises an excellent power increase and throttle response.

The choice of 60mm main pipe, combined with the center pipe, significantly improves the performance of the mid to top rev range with a higher peak power, without a loss of the low end. The better throttle response from the higher torque ensures the driving pleasure of he VTEC engine.

The layout of the exhaust is changed from the stock dual to the single left side outlet, which reduces the back pressure significantly and results in the dramatic weight reduction and power increase.

The exhaust sound is high-pitched which is typical to the stainless exhausts and the roaring sound from the straight structure should be very comfortable for a spirited driving.

You can really enjoy a burst of high pitched sound once the rev hits the VTEC.

The main pipe and silencer are made of 1.2mm thick and the 1.0mm thick C304 stainless respectively. The ultra thin flange and the hollow structure of the mounting stay ensures the ultimate lightness. The weight reduction from this exhaust along with the increased power enhances the performance potential dramatically.

Below is the DC2 model, the EK9 model is slightly different:

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