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J'S RACING XR Steering Type-D Leather US versionZoom

J'S RACING XR Steering Type-D Leather US version

Item# Js_RACING_XR_Steering_Type_D_Leather_US_version
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For all the J'S RACING fans. J'S RACING WAZA Steering

In order to devote yourself to the sport driving, J's Racing has released a new universal steering wheel under the new brand name “Extreme Racers”.

With the uncompromising attitude, we co-developed the product with the Italia ATC company.

The 330mm steering size was chosen for quick movement which is indispensable in the motor sports.

The grip with the increased thickness fits your palm perfectly and minimizes the fatigue even at the long time sport driving.   The steering wheel has a very high rigidity which can transfer the accurate information from the vehicle movement. Furthermore, the deep shaped type D steering provides a closer driving position and enables the rapid & hard steering movement with your elbow fully bended.

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